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Valentine’s Day Short Caption | Status Quotes


Friends, are you looking for short captions, statuses, quotes of love? Love short captions are very important for posting on Facebook or sending SMS to loved ones. So in today’s post I am going to share 200+ Bangla Short Captions 2024 with you. That’s why if you follow the entire post carefully, you will get your favorite love captions and statuses.


Friends welcome to our website Here you will find different types of captions including Bengali short captions Attitude, Happy, Funny and Romantic captions.


1.”Love blooms on Valentine’s Day ❤️”Valentine's Day Short Caption | Status Quotes

I am patiently waiting for a new day-!


No flowers, I’m sorry, if you don’t propose today, I’ll block you, last warning.


Just Pray And Believe That

Allah Can


Change Your Life in 1 Second❤️


If guys on friendlist don’t propose to you today, you’re not cute.


Happy propose day


– Let me know if it is fake day.!

– I have nothing to celebrate except that!


“Oof! Sumaiya would have left;

I don’t like these”


“Chicken eats paddy “Chadia” my knowledge”


“”What we call “closet”.

Adults call it bathroom


But people change without reason

Blame the situation


– We are the last generation who used to search YouTube for the first time!

2.Valentine’s Day Short CaptionValentine's Day Short Caption | Status Quotes

I have gone to the point of chasing, but now even if the car is honking behind me, how many people say: I don’t want to go, if you can, let me fly! ‍♀


“I don’t need any flowers on Valentine’s Day because I am a flower myself



Let’s not use any English word this month.


Even if a thousand boys turn around behind you, you turn around behind the one who doesn’t even care about you!


I will not ignore the post at all, I am telling you


When it comes out on February 14, if someone thinks it’s a flower and takes it away. ☹️


– I am non-divine, but not polymorphic


I have the talent to go out with real face without makeup


Parents’ favorite is always uncle’s age


If you have a personal cuckoo, it’s spring 365 days

But I don’t have a ka’ua and so it’s always Chaitra month!


The reality is people will love your post!


– I don’t know who is tight with what



– But I’m in the toilet one day

I was stuck…!!


– There was no water so…..!!!



What day is tomorrow



SSC candidates still go on Facebook, and I used to stop eating and drinking during SSC exams!

আরো পড়ুনঃ Short Caption | বাংলা শর্ট ক্যাপশন 2024

If you have money, you want to buy dung even if it is sold on the street



– If you succeed, the torn clothes are history!

– And if you fail, your reading is also mocked


He gave a rose to Lang




– In the end I am also empty…..

– The one I wanted is full of other people


.!!.-) Hi’s About Line

_If you have form and career in this city


You are a good person to everyone


Talented students wear glasses-)️


@Sanjo إسلام


I reminded you again that tomorrow is Propose Day

If you lose a worthy son, you will cry in Arale_____

3.”Love in the air, hearts everywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day!”Valentine's Day Short Caption | Status Quotes




If someone loved like crazy…!!‍♀️

I believe I would have left him in Pabna..!!


Everyone will give roses and give chocolate, or write your property in my name!


– Today is Propose day-!

_If you lose this opportunity, you will cry behind the scenes:)


I think you mingle, you think I mingle

This is exactly why we are both single

আরো পড়ুনঃ 150+ ফেসবুক ক্যাপশন ! স্টাইলিশ বাংলা ক্যাপশন

Soulmate will make it so that even if the whole world is against you, he alone is on your side!’


– Why do I think I don’t know?

– Everyone is studying except me


– Mother is the best gift from Allah

– Every mother is Jannah❤


– I don’t know how much I love,

– But, about someone other than him.

Can’t even think..!❤️


I have never loved in my life!


– First of all I am like me!

– Secondly I don’t try to be like anyone else.!❤️


– How lucky is my mother-in-law?

– je amar moto santo, sisto boumaa pabe.


When I heard that I was abroad as a child, those who I thought were big people, they forgave me…


– Anger is too much;

– But masaAllah the mind is very soft!

– Yes that’s me!✋


You mind! You will be well, happy, chill


Why do you not like all day long? Tell me, tell me!


People who melt with just a sweet word after intense neglect, always think about the good and bad of others!


Smile in any situation

Say “Alhamdulillah”.

At least Allah will be happy

আরো পরুনঃ বাংলা শর্ট ক্যাপশন ২০২৪ | (রোমান্টিক, ইমোশনাল,হ্যাপি)


– Girls hide 2 things


– 1. Desire

– 2. Suffering

4.”Love in every heartbeat. “Valentine's Day Short Caption | Status Quotes

– I need a always chatting life partner


The girl who has no plans from 7 to 14 February, she is not an ordinary girl, she is a noble woman!


In one word ‘She is 100% wife material.


A liar’s words have more juice,

Honest people are more angry!



I will not be on Facebook from tomorrow until Valentine’s Day.

Single people like me won’t tolerate your stupidity…


There are very few people who are ‘happy’ like those who ‘sleep’ early at night! ❤


After reaching a certain age it is understood,

In fact, no one in the world is yours except mother



Sometimes I want to cut off contact with everyone and disappear for a few days!




– Happy Rose day


On Rose Day, let the rose be for the mother! The one who held us in pride for 10 months and 10 days, endured the pain of childbirth and showed the world’s moon, sun, light and air! Raised from small with love and affection!❤️

– Happy Rose day Ma



Ya Allah,


– I’m still waiting for your beautiful plan for me”



– The first episode of the seven-day drama is today

– Happy Rose day

আরো পড়ুনঃ ১৫০+ বাংলা শর্ট ক্যাপশন ২০২৪ ( Attitude, Happy & Romantic)

– I heard today is “Rose” day

– No one else will give me “daily” ✌


– This rose is for my mother




Friends, I hope today’s Valentine’s Day short captions are very useful for you. You can copy these captions and use them on social media like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.


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